Cultivation Levels in Battle Through the Heavens (BTTH): Dou Di is the Ultimate

Cultivation Levels in Battle Through the Heavens (BTTH): Dou Di is the Ultimate
Cultivation Tiers are the levels of strength possessed by each practitioner in this story. These levels are obtained through rigorous training and the use of certain medicines to reach higher levels. In the world of BTTH, there are 12 different cultivation levels.

Each level generally uses the term “Dou” for ease of writing. However, what is the actual meaning of the word “Dou” in this context? In Indonesian, “Dou” can be interpreted as to fight, to fight, or to fight. It refers to the energy or power used in combat or martial arts practice.

Terms like “Dou Zhi Qi” (斗之气) or “Dou Zhe” (斗者) are often used in Wuxia fiction stories like BTTH that describe cultivation levels or power in the martial arts world.

If you are new to this series, we recommend reading the guide article on watching BTTH first.

Cultivation Tiers/Ranks in BTTH:

  1. Dou Zhi Qi/Dou Disciple (斗之气): The initial stage where one becomes acquainted with and understands Dou Qi. At this stage, one has Qi that can be developed depending on the amount.

  2. Dou Zhe/ Dou Practitioner (斗者): At this stage, a Dou practitioner can truly utilize and control Dou Qi energy in battle.

  3. Dou Shi/Dou Master (斗师): After reaching this stage, a practitioner can use Dou Qi to form a protective layer.

  4. Da Dou Shi/ Dou Grandmaster (大斗师): At this level, a practitioner can use Dou Qi to form weapons or “armor” that provides higher defense.

  5. Dou Ling/Dou Spirit (斗灵): At this stage, one’s Dou Qi is strong enough to form weapons from crystallized Dou Qi.

  6. Dou Wang/Dou King (斗王): Upon reaching this stage, practitioners can form Dou Qi wings and draw Dou Qi from their surroundings.

  7. Dou Huang/Dou Emperor (斗皇): This level is where a practitioner is truly extremely strong. A Dou Huang can use a large amount of Dou Qi from their surroundings.

  8. Dou Zong/Dou Ancestor (斗宗): A Dou Zong has the ability to use the mysterious ‘Spatial Power’ and even create a room that can be entered.

  9. Dou Zun/Dou Venerate (斗尊): A Dou Zun has almost perfect knowledge of ‘Spatial Power’ and can form wormholes in space-time.

  10. Ban Sheng/Half Saint (半圣): This is a transitional stage towards a higher cultivation level, which is required to enter the very powerful Dou Sheng class.

  11. Dou Sheng/Dou Saint (斗圣): Dou Sheng is the top level in the fighter hierarchy. They possess immense power and can defeat many Ban Sheng.

  12. Dou Di/Dou God (斗帝): Dou Di is the highest rank in BTTH, equivalent to Heavenly Sovereign (天帝).

These levels reflect the significant levels of strength in the world of BTTH and are an important element in this story.

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