NCT Dream Rocks Jakarta with Grand Concert “NCT Dream THE SHOW 3 Dream()SCAPE” at SUGBK


NCT Dream Rocks JakartaNCT Dream finally reunited with their fans in Indonesia with a grand concert titled “NCT Dream THE SHOW 3 Dream()SCAPE” held at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Jakarta. The concert transformed SUGBK into a massive karaoke venue, filled with the enthusiastic cheers of fans known as NCTzens. Despite Renjun’s absence due to health recovery, the six remaining members—Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, Haechan, Chenle, and Jisung—delivered a spectacular performance.

From the afternoon, NCTzens had filled the area around SUGBK, brimming with excitement. Fans brought various items such as green NCT lightsticks, banners, and posters of NCT Dream members. The atmosphere outside the stadium was filled with joy and anticipation, with vendors selling souvenirs and food to complete the concert experience.

Electrifying Opening

At precisely 7:00 PM, the stadium lights dimmed, and the cheers of the audience echoed louder. With stunning visuals in the background, NCT Dream kicked off the concert with “icantfeelanything.” The members looked dazzling in black rider jackets, denim pants, and matching t-shirts. “I might’ve been afraid to be brave, come on,” the members’ voices rang out, inviting ecstatic screams from the NCTzens.

For about three minutes, NCT Dream performed “icantfeelanything” energetically while dancing and greeting the audience. Fans continuously waved their lightsticks and cheered, creating a mesmerizing sight. The members’ names were shouted enthusiastically by the fans, adding warmth to the atmosphere.

After the opening song, NCT Dream continued their performance with a series of hit songs. “BOX” and “GO” were the next songs they performed, followed by other popular tracks that kept the audience in euphoria. Each song was delivered with energetic dances and solid vocal performances, showcasing NCT Dream’s prowess in entertaining the crowd.

Fan Interactions

One of the most memorable moments of the concert was the direct interaction between NCT Dream and the NCTzens. Between performances, the members spoke to the audience, expressing their gratitude for the overwhelming support. Mark, as the group leader, delivered a heartfelt message, “Thank you so much for coming. We missed you all and are so happy to be back in Jakarta.”

Haechan, with his signature cheerful style, encouraged the audience to sing along. “Come on, everyone! Let’s make tonight an unforgettable moment!” he exclaimed, which was met with a unified cheer and singing from the entire stadium.

Special Moments on Stage

NCT Dream also prepared several surprises for their fans. One notable moment was a special performance where they sang a ballad in an acoustic format, revealing another side of their vocal abilities. The audience was momentarily silent, mesmerized by the beautiful harmony and emotional delivery from the members.

The concert concluded with an energetic performance of “Boom,” prompting the entire audience to stand and dance along. Stunning visual effects and spectacular fireworks ended the night with a bang. NCT Dream expressed their gratitude once again before leaving the stage, leaving unforgettable memories for everyone present.

Impact and Influence

The “NCT Dream THE SHOW 3 Dream()SCAPE” concert was not just an entertainment event but also a testament to NCT Dream’s significant influence on the international music scene, especially in Indonesia. Their presence brought joy and enthusiasm to thousands of fans who had eagerly awaited this moment for a long time. With their captivating performances and warm interactions, NCT Dream solidified their position as one of the most popular idol groups in the world.

As the concert concluded, NCT Dream once again proved that they are not only capable of producing high-quality music but also creating a strong emotional bond with their fans. “NCT Dream THE SHOW 3 Dream()SCAPE” in Jakarta became a testament to NCTzens’ love and dedication to their idol group.

Despite Renjun’s absence, the presence and enthusiasm of the other members made that night an unforgettable moment for everyone present. The concert not only served as a remedy for longing but also strengthened the bond between NCT Dream and their fans in Indonesia, leaving hope that they will return soon with even more spectacular performances in the future.

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